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Last Updated: 1/11/2014
D.O. Letter No. FS-173/2014 dated 30.10.2014 on e-Pradan
D.O. letter from Principal Secretary Finance Department to all Departmental Secretaries for implementation of e-Pradan
Category :IFMS Posted On : 30/10/2014
Implementation of West Bengal Health for all employees and pensioners Cashless Medical Treatment Scheme.
Requesting to furnish proper information to implement the Cashless Medical Treatment Scheme.
Category :W.B. Health Scheme 2008 Posted On : 29/10/2014
CORRIGENDUM - against NIT No 103-FY-N-1E-248/2014 Dated- 14.10.2014 - Tender ID 2014-WBFD-25784-1
Owing to some unavoidable reasons last date and time for online submission of tender against NIT No 103/FY/N/1E-248/2014 Dated - 14.10.2014 (Tender ID 2014-W
Category :Tender Posted On : 28/10/2014
List of Holidays in 2015
In exercise of the power conferred by the explanation to Section 25 of the Negotiable Instrument Act, 1881 (XXVI of 1881), read with Government of India,
Category :Audit Posted On : 27/10/2014