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Last Updated: 2/4/2015
The following Financial Advisors officers posted at the various Departments.
The following officers who have been posted as Financial Advisors of the Departments mentioned against each under col.3 will be attached to the establishment of
Category :Audit Posted On : 01/04/2015
Minutes of the meeting with Financial Advisors
The undersigned is directed to forward herewith a copy of the minutes of the Financial Advisors meeting held at Finance Department Conference Hall, NABANNA, How
Category :Audit Posted On : 01/04/2015
Allotment of Fund for 2015-2016 (Vote-on-Account).
All allotments of fund including the fund allotted to Works Executing Departments or Forests Department should be made through the software application e-bantan
Category :Budget Posted On : 31/03/2015
Category :COSA S/W Posted On : 31/03/2015