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Last Updated: 17/1/2017
Rearrangement of FA Clusters
After careful consideration of the matter the Governor is please to create 14 new FA setup in Departments and rearranging the existing FA set up
Category :Audit Posted On : 13/01/2017
Re-delegation of financial powers delegated by Finance Department
In order to incur expenditure beyond his delegated capacity the subordinate officers are required to obtain the approval, in each case, of the authority to whom
Category :Audit Posted On : 10/01/2017
Allotment of Deputy Secretaries and Assistant Secretaries in the Finance Department
The following Deputy Secretaries & Assistant Secretaries of Finance Department are hereby allotted or reallotted to the Groups or Cells or branches of Financ
Category :Audit Posted On : 10/01/2017
Response to Pre-Bid Queries - Transport Department
Response to Pre-Bid Queries in respect of RfP documents for Commercial utilization of surplus land at Garia-5 and Thakurpukur depot of CSTC
Category :Tender Posted On : 05/01/2017